The Architect’s WordPress Website Launch Guide

2. Activate Hosting

Now that you have your domain, you need to host your website. Hosting your website is necessary to make it “visible” on the web. Your host is the behind-the-scenes computer that runs your website and makes it available for everyone on the internet to find.

After in depth research on the available options, the host I recommend is WPEngine.com. The reason is simple: WP Engine is a managed host, meaning the folks at WP Engine will install and keep your website’s software up to date automatically for you, allowing you the peace of mind to be an architect without any surprises from your website (like getting hacked).

Additionally, WP Engine is also the only WordPress host offering to fix your website for free should it ever be hacked. I’ve had my site hacked before; it wasn’t cheap to get it fixed and it wasted a lot of time. The last thing you want is for your website to be black-listed by Google and end up with a notice that says “This site may harm your computer” like the following famous architect:

Rafael Vinoly's Website 'May Be Harmful' by Google

Rafael Vinoly’s Website ‘May Be Harmful’ by Google

Many of the lower-priced web hosts have questionable security because they rely on you, the user, to keep your web software up to date. The guys and gals at WP Engine on the other hand will keep your site updated for you. This is the main reason why I personally recommend WP Engine for an architecture firm’s website. I know you want to focus on building your architecture business, not worrying about the integrity of your site.

If you already have your site hosted elsewhere, the folks at WP Engine will help you move your existing WordPress site to WP Engine.

WP Engine is currently offering a risk free 60-day money back guarantee. Here is the link.

When you sign up, write down the password and username (needed for the following step):

WP Engine sign up screen

WP Engine sign up screen

As for data center, choose the one closest to your location. After you finish this step your new WordPress site will be up and running. Give yourself a good pat on the back!


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