The Architect’s WordPress Website Launch Guide

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a simple tutorial on how to use the free, simple WordPress software to run an architecture firm’s website. WordPress is a great option if you want a website that can be changed and updated easily. If you haven’t heard of WordPress before, click here to find out more. For those who are ready to continue, I’ve put together this Website Quick Launch Guide to show you how you can make your own website with WordPress:

Here are the 3 steps we will cover:

  1. Buy a Domain
  2. Activate Hosting
  3. Customize Your New Website

Click the next section to go to step 1.


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Enoch Sears

I am a licensed California architect who loves researching and sharing about running a great architecture business. I founded Business of Architecture to help solo architects and small firms run a better business so they can have the peace of mind to focus on creating great architecture.

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