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enoch-sears-portrait-320-320Hi, Enoch here.

So, you missed the live webinar event Website Lead Generation Case Study: Modative, or you did watch the webinar but you want to review it again to help you plan out a strategy for your website and implement some of the tactics I discussed.

I originally wasn't going to make a replay available, but the feedback was so good from those who did attend that I want to make this material available for others.

Here's some of the great feedback from those of you who did attend the webinar and were so kind to drop me a note:
[quote]SUPER informative + awesome webinar!! Cannot thank you enough!…Your webinar was EXACTLY what I have been looking for![/quote]
[quote]Great webinar today. We actually have a site development meeting tomorrow. Thanks for the helpful tips.[/quote]
[quote]Great webinar. I am revisiting a reboot of my website for [blank] Architects. The webinar added to my knowledge![/quote]
So yes, there is a replay available.

But there's a catch

I once heard a quote:
[quote]When you pay, you pay attention.[/quote]
So instead of just giving you the webinar for free, I'm doing a test here and charging a small fee – less than the price of a healthy lunch. If you implement the strategies that I talk about in the video, you will make back your investment – many times over.

On this webinar you'll see the exact strategy that the architecture firm Modative has used to get to where they are now – turning away the projects they don't want and taking the projects they do want.

What You'll Learn

Here are some of the things you'll learn from this webinar:
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Here's What You'll Get

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I'll put this up on Business of Architecture for US $47.00, but you can get it here for much less.
Click the button below to go to the checkout page and see the price. After you pay, I'll send you to the download page for the webinar replay, audio download, E-book PDF transcript, Web Lead Worksheet, Website SEO Checklist, and the Webinar Resources Guide.

What are you waiting for?

Click The Big Blue Button To Access A Behind The Scenes Look At How Modative Uses The Web To Book The Firm Solid And Learn How You Can Do The Same:

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