Who should win the Business of Architecture Transformation Award?

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Architects and design professionals build our world ...

They make it safe, beautiful and sustainable.

Yet for many, it feels like an uphill battle, and few get the recognition or credit they deserve.

The complexities of running a business holds firm owners back, and keep them from doing their best work.

This is because schools don't train architects on how to run a practice.

As a result, society loses out on the creative genius of these professionals.

This is why Business of Architecture developed SMART Practice™, the leading practice leadership program for architects who care about their success as much as their architecture.

Recently, a group of successful architecture practice owners worked with Business of Architecture to implement the SMART Practice™ method in their firms.

These are their stories.

Watch them below, and cast your vote - who do YOU think should win the Business of Architecture Transformation Award?


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Ateeq Architects operates with a spirit of curiosity through Design and Innovation. We work in a collaborative process to provide creative solutions to our client’s specific circumstances. Ultimately, we design places that work with the client’s vision and needs, not our own. As partners, we strive for honesty, clarity, and quality.

2. Matias Daroch
MIK Architecture, Miami, FL

MIK Architecture helps modern-style developers by designing with innovation, creativity, and construction in mind. MIK Architecture works with innovative tools that help developers and investors make the right decisions and achieve the best possible outcome for every project.

3. Mark Elster
AOME Architects, Seattle, WA

AOME Architects has partnered with our clients to explore and create architecture unique to their needs and dreams. Every project is special. AOME responds with personalized service and individual designs tailored to each client. From concept to completion the work combines creativity, imagination, and attention to detail.

4. Ian & Toni Wilson
Nolan Carter Architectural Design, Green Bay, WI

We offer architectural services for commercial projects, new construction and renovations.  We are located in Green Bay, WI and we have completed projects throughout Wisconsin, including the Madison and Milwaukee areas.   Specialty areas of expertise for the firm include dental offices and bank branches.  

Nolan and Carter, our two sons, are the reason we do any of this.  Carter was diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism and our world changed.  As difficult as that time was, it prepared us to take a leap of faith and start our own firm. At the end of the day, what matters most is family, and that is reflected in our company name.

5. Sudipto Ghosh
S. Ghosh & Associates,  New Delhi , IN

S. Ghosh Architects has been the recipient of several awards and winners in national and international competitions since its inception in 1973. It has received prestigious commissions scoring above acclaimed international firms in design competitions in the recent past. The firm has a wide international exposure through its principals whose formative years have been spent at the offices of masters of the field and collaborative work on large-scale projects. Through such experience, the practice is acutely aware of both positive and negative aspects of designing within a world characterized by globalization.