Who should win the Business of Architecture Transformation Award?

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Architects and design professionals build our world ...

They make it safe, beautiful and sustainable.

Yet for many, it feels like an uphill battle, and few get the recognition or credit they deserve.

The complexities of running a business holds firm owners back, and keep them from doing their best work.

This is because schools don't train architects on how to run a practice.

As a result, society loses out on the creative genius of these professionals.

This is why Business of Architecture developed SMART Practice™, the leading practice leadership program for architects who care about their success as much as their architecture.

Recently, a group of successful architecture practice owners worked with Business of Architecture to implement the SMART Practice™ method in their firms.

These are their stories.

Watch them below, and cast your vote - who do YOU think should win the Business of Architecture Transformation Award?


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1. Ryan Biles
Ryan Biles, Lonoke, Arkansas

Architect Ryan Biles is heavily engaged in his community where he focuses on historic preservation work in the Arkansas Mississippi delta region. Ryan started his practice with the dream of impacting his local area and community through the power of positive and appropriate design.

2. Paul Southouse
Paul Southouse Architects, Oxford, UK

Paul Southouse Architects is rooted in the belief that architecture is about people; therefore, design is shaped collaboratively. Paul is committed to producing designs that are contextually responsive and look to the future in a responsible way.

3. James Pirch
Creative Interface, Temple, Georgia, USA

Creative Interface is a relatively new architecture practice. Founder James Pirch launched the design-focused practice because he wanted to bring a higher level of design and passion to the projects he cares about.

4. Ron Howell
REH Architect , Venice, CA

Ronald E. Howell AIA was raised in Venice, schooled in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, refined while living in Europe and influenced by traveling the world. When he isn't surfing, you can find Ron designing high-end residential and commercial projects throughout Southern California and Hawaii.

5. Matias Daroch
MIK Architecture , Miami, FL

MIK Architecture helps modern-style developers by designing with innovation, creativity, and construction in mind. MIK Architecture works with innovative tools that help developers and investors make the right decisions and achieve the best possible outcome for every project.



Michael Stouse
Stouse Design Architecture | Interiors, Austin, TX