Time Is Money (And So Much More)

Time Is Money

You've probably heard of the famous Geico slogan, “15 Minutes can save you 15%”.

The advertising executives knew what they were doing then they commissioned this slogan – it illustrates a powerful and fundamental equation: time is money.

Extra time spent on each task or project can add up and can potentially cost you not only money but also opportunities. Good time management practices can help you to make more profit and create better designs.

However, don't confuse ‘clock time' with real time. Clock time is what the clock measures; real time is psychological. Real time is metal and can actually be created if we are actively engaged in what we intend to do.

Time management is as much about keeping our day organized as about keeping our mind clear.

How To Boost Your Architecture Firm Profits - Without Finding More Clients with Steve L Wintner
How To Boost Your Architecture Firm Profits – Without Finding More Clients with Steve L Wintner

Steve Wintner, author of the book Financial Management For Design Professionals, suggests effective time management is the key to promoting accountability and productivity in design firms.

The staff of an architecture firm (whether it is ‘just you' or you have employees) is the firm’s most powerful asset – every success, and every failure, is tied to the human capital of your firm.

Managing this talent is the key to having a firm that isn't just mediocre, but excellent.

Time management requires a positive relationship and good communications between management and staff. Staff should be given guidance and training to engender a sense of responsibility for the firm's well-being and success.

Effective time management is, as Steve put it, to only do what only you can do and delegate the rest.

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Enoch Bartlett Sears is the founder of the Architect Business Institute, Business of Architecture and co-founder of the Architect Marketing Institute. He helps architects become category leaders in their market. Enoch hosts the #1 rated interview podcast for architects, the Business of Architecture Show where prominent guests like M. Arthur Gensler, Jr. and Thom Mayne share tips and strategies for success in architecture.

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