"Before this program I was going to die at my desk."

Michelle Fenton - Khôra Architecture + Interiors (Vancouver, BC, Canada)



A proven set of systems & processes 127 architecture firm owners have used to transform their chaotic & stressful practices into streamlined, profitable businesses

As seen on:

"I grew my practice from $4k to $40k per month in just 4 months."
Gilbert Atick
ATEEQ Architecture
Miami, USA
"$30,000 in new profit AFTER our account disbursements."
Mel Price
Work Program Architects
Virginia, USA
"We've now got good projects set for the entire year."
Henk Marais
KMMA Architects
Cape Town, South Africa


While these clients all had great success,


contains no "easy-pill" solutions.

What This Course is NOT About:

Bullsh*t. If it was that easy, everyone would have “dream clients.”

Let's face it, hiring in this industry is hard.

In reality, consistent profit takes months (often years) of consistent effort.

The hard truth? Business chaos stems from poor management (and can't be fixed by systems alone). 

No way around it: Delegation takes delicate, skillful leadership to work.

INSTEAD, you'll discover a set of business systems, frameworks & processes designed to help you build "the 3 F's" of a successful architecture business:






Most architects sacrifice their Freedom (working late nights & weekends)…

And ignore their Finances (saying “I'm not in this for the money”)…

To chase the false promise of greater Fulfillment (ending up burnt out & dissatisfied).

Here at Business of Architecture,
we do things differently.

We believe your Freedom, Finances & Fulfillment are intimately connected.

To do your best, most creatively fulfilling work...

You need the financial wealth to support & fuel your firm...

AND the freedom to enjoy your role inside (and your life outside!) your practice.

The S.M.A.R.T. Practice Method helps you achieve all three "F's"

What You WILL Learn In This Course:

3 essential business systems for a smooth-running practice (so you can get out of the weeds and do your best architecture)

What truly holds architecture firm owners back from greater financial & creative success

How firm owners can increase spare time & creative fulfillment by leveraging people and systems

4 common management mistakes that keep 99% of architects stuck & frustrated (and how to fix them)

Consider This Course The Missing
Instruction Manual For "How To Run A
Successful Architecture Firm"

(...what they should have given you day one of starting your firm!)

About Your Instructor

116 days into starting my architecture firm, I realized something:

My practice was running my life.

8+ years of elite education and working in successful firms…

And now I was “living the dream” of running my own firm:

* Working late into the night…

* Sitting at my desk each day, just hoping the phone would ring…

* Timidly sending off proposals (worried the answer would be “no”)…

And the worst part?

* Bringing all that stress & lack of accomplishment home with me…

To be a sub-standard husband & father.

One day my wife asked me, “How long is this going to last?

“When will you be a part of our family again?”

…and I had no answer. 

Like most architects, I told myself “I'm just paying my dues”…

But now I know that was just an excuse…

For being stressed out, overworked & broke.

Then I discovered most other firm owners were going through the exact same struggle.

Worse still, they'd accepted it.

They thought “This is just the way it is“…

Seeing NO other possibilities.

Not even looking for solutions.

Is this really what we're stuck with as architects?

I set out to see if that was really true…

And after 12+ years of study, practice, experimentation & testing, I'm here to tell you there's another way.

You can do great architecture…

Grow a profitable business…

AND enjoy your life.

I've seen this work for over 100 architecture firm owners around the world…

And it all starts with the S.M.A.R.T. Practice Method.

     – Enoch Bartlett Sears AIA

The Cold, Hard Truth ...

After working with 127 firm owners from 19 countries over the last 12 years… 

I know that it is 100% possible for you to turn your firm into a profitable, streamlined business…

A business where you can…

  1. Rely on a skilled team to run the day-to-day for you…
  2. Afford to say NO to stingy clients and heighten your caliber of projects…
  3. Spend most of your time doing fulfilling design work…

…all without needing to sacrifice your health, design integrity or time with family.

I know this because I've seen it happen again & again.

But I also know this:

  • Success WILL require you to STRETCH beyond your comfort zone.
  • Transforming your firm WILL require COMMITTED EFFORT.
  • Whatever HARD WORK you put in, WILL pay off!

More shares, wins & celebrations from
our private community...



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