re: 150|015 Charter Group Membership

Congratulations on your interest in the 150|015 program.

This opportunity is open to you because you expressed interest in getting more information about the program. It is not available to the full Business of Architecture community at this time.

150|015 is a private community that gives you resources and tools beyond what is available on Business of Architecture for free.

There are 3 parts to this community:

  1. Monthly Master Classes on topics for building a successful architecture practice
  2. A Monthly Practice Optimization call
  3. A private member's area and forum where you can gain insights from and support other members

This opportunity is limited to 12 architects who want to be part of the Founder's Group.

7 spots are already taken which leaves only 5 open spots.

Members of the founder's group get a discounted rate ($50/mo).

As a founding member, you'll also be able to determine the direction this goes by giving feedback and input.

Are you interested?

If so, enter your name, email address and best contact phone number so we can have a quick chat and decide if this is a fit for both you and me:

What is Business of Architecture premium?

Business Architecture Premium is a private, members-only community focused on your practice success. It will launch soon with the first class of 12 charter members.

As a charter member you have access to:

Think of this as a ‘brain trust' of successful and committed architects combined with a top-notch business education that picks up where architecture school left off.

Monthly Master Class

Monthly Master Classes feature topics such as how to attract more of the right kinds of projects, how to use digital tools to reduce overhead and be more productive, and how to outsource and hire the best talent – everything you need to be inspired to run an awesome practice.

Each Master Class is taught by an industry expert. As a charter member, you get unlimited access to all Master Classes.

Master Classes are recorded and uploaded to the Private Member's Area. If you can't watch the live broadcast you can watch the recorded version.

Practice Optimization Calls

You'll also get monthly practice optimization calls, where you'll be able to get individual feedback on your practice and business challenges. These are 60 minute group conferencing calls where all participants will be able to interact. Participants have found these sessions to be invaluable.

Private Member's Area and Forum

Charter members have access to a closed, members-only LinkedIn Group for confidential discussions of business challenges and success. This is your supportive ‘brain trust'. You will no longer be alone surrounded by mentors and supportive peers.

Are you a fit for Business of Architecture Premium?

Admission into one of these 12 charter-member spots is by application only.

If you are interested, the next step is to have a short 15 minute call with me where you can ask me any questions about the program and we can decide together if you are a fit for the program.

Please enter your name, email address and best contact number so I can set up a time for a call:

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