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October 29 + 30, 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is this event for?

This event is for architecture firm owners who want better income and lifestyle by having a profitable, sustainable and successful architecture practice.

Q: What is a virtual event?

"Virtual" means that this event is held entirely on-line, with interactive, web conferencing software so you can enjoy this valuable profit-boosting information from the comfort of your own home or office (no airfare or hotel required).

What Others Are Saying...

Cary Westerbeck Architect

After attending [the Summit] I can honestly say I am brimming with so much useful new information I need to take stock and figure out what to implement first. Each topic was so informative and on-point for where I'm at in my practice that I felt an urgency to go apply the principles immediately. The presenters are absolutely top shelf and are masters on their topics. They have shared hard-won industry information that would have taken me a lifetime to learn on my own. Attending the BOA Summit will be one of the most important things I do for my practice this year, if not this decade!

Frank Heitzman Architect

The Business of Architecture Summit was the most "profitable" two days I have spent in a long time. I have always preferred face-to-face educational seminars, but the way this summit was organized, it had the same feel and results, because there was good interaction with the audience through web conference portal. I got to virtually meet the best experts in the design business field through this process. The organization and selection of speakers was superb thanks to Enoch.

The Business of Architecture Summit is the premier online event for small firm and solo practitioners who want to run a better business.

Come join other boutique firm architects and designers to be inspired and discover new ways to run a great practice.

Is This Right For You?​

Take A Quick Business Checkup:

Do you:

  • Find yourself working late into the night and on the weekends (and skipping family events or holidays)?
  • Tell your spouse, I'll be right there...but you are still working 2 hours later?
  • Miss your kids sports games...because you're working?
  • Think about spending time on your marketing or improving your business...but never find the time to do it?
  • Look at your time records at the end of the week...and wonder where all the time went?
  • Lack a way to tell how much profit each project makes you?
  • Worry about making enough money to pay for a comfortable retirement?
  • Feel like your business is stuck at the same place it was last year...and the year before?
  • Find yourself 'getting older', but not 'getting ahead'?
  • Have large firms going after your projects?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you must attend the Business of Architecture Summit and discover how to running a more profitable, impactful practice.

​ You need a business breakthrough.

A business breakthrough is an epiphany that allows you to 'break through' plateaus of success and rapidly accelerate businesses growth, profitability or efficiency (while reducing stress and boosting enjoyment).

Breakthroughs happen by looking at a problem or current business process from a new angle, with new eyes.

For example, in the midst of World War II, France created an armed fortification to protect against the German Nazi invaders. This fortification, thought to be impenetrable, was defeated when the German Nazi army simply 'marched around' it, rendering it completely ineffective. If France had not been invaded, the war would have ended years earlier, and thousands of lives would have been spared.

Breakthroughs can change the future. A business breakthrough can change yours.

Just Imagine What A Simple Insight Or Business Breakthrough Could Do For Your Practice In 2015

Will a breakthrough change your future?

The Best Business Information For Boutique Architecture Firms

Presented By Leading Industry Experts

During this 2-day Summit, you'll find the best business information for boutique architecture firms - presented by leading experts who know the challenges that small architecture firms and sole practitioners face (and the solutions to those challenges).

These courses focus on the 3 pillars of a strong practice - attracting and winning more of the right kind of projects, project management and delivery, and strategies to make and retain more profit.

These 3 pillars are the keys to creating a fulfilling, fun, and profitable practice. You can't afford to miss out.

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Your professional association may have continuing education requirements commonly called continuing professional development (CPD) points, continuing education units (CEU) or continuing education credits (CEC). Business of Architecture Summit Sessions are approved by the AIA for a maximum of 1 LU hour each. You will need to verify if your association accepts Learning Units that have been approved by the American Institute of Architects.

Boost Company Profits

With retirement age getting nearer and nearer, now is the time to boost company profits while reducing stress and wasted time.

Oscia Wilson will be speaking on the Basis Financial Model For Architecture Firms. In her presentation you'll discover the key metrics that influence architecture firm profitability, and how to use them to form a basic financial model for maximizing profit.

Schedule at a Glance

Thursday, October 29

7:30 AM (Pacific Time) - Is The Small Architecture Firm Dead? Challenges and Opportunities For the Next 10 Years - Bob Fisher

9:00 AM (Pacific Time) - Making Your Brand Work for You: 3 Steps to a Strong, Compelling Brand that Attracts the Clients you Actually Want - Amanda Welu

10: 30 AM (Pacific Time) - Characteristics of High-Performing Firms - Mike Webber

12:00 PM (Pacific Time) - Think Like a Developer: How to Win More Projects, Improve the Built Environment, and Have More Fun with Every Project - Chad Ludeman

1:30 (Pacific Time) - The Simple Financial Model For A Profitable Architecture Firm - Oscia Wilson

Friday, October 30

7:30 AM (Pacific Time) - How to Productize Your Services and Boost Your Project Profit by 12% or More - Aarni Heiskanen

9:00 AM (Pacific Time) - 6 Super Simple Steps to Exclusive Clients, Extreme Income, and Your Extraordinary Life - Melissa Galt

10:30 AM (Pacific Time) - Overwhelmed? How to Plan for a Successful Firm Future - Rena M. Klein

12:00 PM (Pacific Time) - The Business Development Pipeline and Your ProForma - Todd L. Reding

1:30 PM (Pacific Time) - Magic Messaging - Richard Petrie

3:00 PM (Pacific Time) - Enoch Sears

The Simple Financial Model For A Profitable Architecture Firm

October 29: 1:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Course Description: This course will help participants gain a better understanding of financial models for architecture firms. Oscia Wilson will teach participants about “Utilization Rates” and “Average Billable Rates”, and how they factor into a business. Learn the realistic fixed costs for a firm and how to put all of these factors together to create a company financial model.

Speaker Oscia Wilson: Oscia Wilson is founder and CEO of Boiled Architecture, a six-person San Francisco architecture firm focused on collaborative delivery models like Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). She has served on the AIA California Council’s committee on IPD since 2011, and recently published The Owners’ Guide to Starting Integrated Building Projects, available on Amazon.com. She is also a contributing author to IPD: An Updated Working Definition, 2014.

Making Your Brand Work for You: 3 steps to a strong, compelling brand that attracts the clients you actually want

October 29: 9:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Course Description: 
Your brand should be doing work for you. The problem is, the word “brand” or “branding” has too many connotations to count and often leaves small firm practices unsure of what steps to take to ensure it’s working for them and attracting their ideal clients. Whether it’s beginning from scratch for a start up practice or changing the trajectory of an existing brand for an established firm, this course will cut through the noise and show participants the three simple components to building a brand that’s both authentic and compelling. I  will share the simple recipe for maintaining its strength, year after year.

Speaker Amanda Welu: Amanda is a powerhouse behind a charismatic smile. She has an amazing ability to ask the question that should have been asked and operates with a big-picture view of life. She’s known for her ability to move people from A to B through exploring motivations, culture, and generally what makes them tick. Amanda studied interior design and marketing as an undergrad, and followed up with an MBA. Her passion for organizations, and in turn people, living out their authentic stories is what gets her out of bed each day. She’s been helping develop brands for years as a marketing director, an independent consultant, co-founder of a not-for-profit, an ecommerce seller, a blogger, and today she is a co-founder of DELV Design, the 2015 winner of the national Architecture Business Plan Competition. 

Overwhelmed? How To Plan For A Successful Firm Future

October 30: 10:30am (Pacific Time)

Speaker Rena M. Klein FAIA
: Rena is a nationally recognized expert in small firm practice and author of The Architect's Guide to Small Firm Management (Wiley, 2010). As principal of RM Klein Consulting Rena offers a variety of services to small design firms, including management coaching, strategic planning, and retreat facilitation. Specializing in financial management and operations consulting, Rena helps firm owners run their organizations better.

How To Productize Your Services and Boost Your Project Profit by 12% or More

October 30: 7:30am (Pacific Time)

Course Description: 
Productizing your services is a quick way to not only increase your firm's profit, but also help you win more projects and stand above your competition. Productized professional services can be stand-alone, “fast-start” offering or they can be components of an overall architectural service.  On this course, you’ll learn strategies and practical methods that you can put into practice straight away.

Speaker Aarni Heiskanen:
Aarni Heiskanen is the Managing Partner at AE Partners and Co-founder of Thinking Portfolio. He has a master’s degree in architecture, and has worked as an architect and architectural R&D manager for over a decade. Gradually, he grew more and more interested in innovative business development. He became an internet entrepreneur, and, later on, a certified management consultant (CMC). Today he is a co-owner of AE Partners, a digital development consultancy, and Thinking Business, a company delivering a project portfolio management SaaS to over 15,000 users in more than 50 countries.

Think Like a Developer: How To Win More Projects, Improve the Built Environment, and Have More Fun with Every Project

October 29: 12:00pm (Pacific Time)

Course Description: 
Real world tips from a Philadelphia developer on how to help your clients meet their goals while maintaining your firm's strategy and brand.

Speaker Chad Ludeman:
 Chad is the President of Postgreen, a real estate development company focusing on modern and “green” development in Philadelphia’s urban neighborhoods. Chad’s background is in Manufacturing/Industrial Engineering which is why he likes to research and write about geeky green building topics so much. He also loves modern architecture and entrepreneurship, which is why Postgreen exists. Chad is devoted to proving that green and modern architecture can be affordable for the average working stiff (or at least die trying).

Melissa Galt

6 Super Simple Steps to Exclusive Clients, Extreme Income, and Your Extraordinary Life

October 30: 9:00am (Pacific Time)

Course Description: 
Whether you are established in your architectural practice and want continued bottom line growth with less effort or you are new to your practice and want to set up as a boutique creative practice that delivers custom solutions for upscale clients residentially and/or commercially, this training will show you the specific steps to take. 

Your answer to business growth isn't in more marketing. Instead it's about strategic targeting of your ideal clients so you provide your talent only to those who will truly value you and compensate you handsomely. In today's social age, you'll learn to rapidly build your "know, like, and trust factor" that will have clients beating a path to your door and avoid wasting time on endless media campaigns and network nonsense. Get back to the creative work you love and learn to make more in less time with better clients and bigger projects. Less really can be more. 

Speaker Melissa Galt:
For the last decade Melissa Galt has worked with hundreds of creative professional service providers who want to attract exclusive clients, provide exceptional value, generate extreme income and lead an extraordinary life. She is a successful creativepreneur, educator, author, speaker, and adventurer.

Named by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 20 Women of Influence for entrepreneurs to follow, her methods have been showcased in publications including Catalyst, The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Newsday, American Express Open Forum and many others.

She is the author of three books including "Celebrate Your Life: 101 Ways to Live Tuned In, Turned On, Engaged and Connected Every Day." Her mission is to show you how to build your business to serve and support the whole of your life and avoid sacrificing your life to your business

Characteristics of High-Performing Firms

October 29: 10:30am Pacific Time

Course Description: 
Did you know that 25% of A/E firms of all sizes consistently make 20+% Operating Profit Rates and deliver 30+% Pre-Tax Returns on Equity? Moreover, there is convincing evidence that these firms are not ‘one-year-wonders’. These High Performing Firms are realizing virtually double industry-average financial results year-after-year. Discover which specific operating & financial characteristics – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – these High Performing Firms have in common, and how their practices achieve them. Then, investigate several identifiable practices – not all financial – High Performing Firms incorporate for consistent success and profitability. By the end, you will be able to evaluate your own firm's operational and financial performance, and analyze practices that can be incorporated into your practice to achieve and maintain above-average success year-after-year.

Speaker Mike Webber:
After years as an A/E CFO, Mike Webber started A/E Finance (www.aefinance.net). He works with A/E firms on firm-wide & operating unit financial analysis & benchmarking, project & overall operations management, strategic planning & turnarounds, and interim assignments for large and small firms across the country.

Mike has been a member and past Chair of AIA Chicago's Practice Management Knowledge Committee, and an AIA/ACEC Peer Reviewer. Currently, he is on both AIA’s Best Practices Committee, and ACEC's Management Practices Committee. He has presented at local, state and national AIA and ACEC conferences, and written several finance- and accounting-related AIA Best Practices articles. Mike has an Engineering degree from the University of Illinois, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Maryland.


Is The Small Architecture Firm Dead? Challenges and Opportunities For The Next 10 Years

October 29: 7:30am (Pacific Time)

Course Description: 
How can we remain relevant in an environment of hyper-change? It's a question that firms of all sizes—and all of us as individual professionals—must answer. No one has the luxury of ignoring the forces, factors, and trends that shape the business environment for the practice of architecture and design. So how do small firms and solo practitioners better understand and prepare for the environment of tomorrow? Armed with insight from smart research and investigation on trends, architects can win the work they want by developing differentiated positioning, stronger brand strategies, and more compelling value propositions based on the evolving needs and demands of the design marketplace.

Speaker Bob Fisher: Bob Fisher is a Principal with Greenway Group, a management consulting firm that focuses on improving the performance of design-driven organizations. He is also the publisher of Design Intelligence, and Managing Director of the Design Futures Council.

Bob Fisher

Magic Messaging

October 30: 1:30pm (Pacific Time)

Speaker Richard Petrie:
A marketer, sales trainer, and a former police hostage negotiation trainer, Richard Petrie is the world's leading architect marketing and sales coach. He's worked with dozens of architects in multiple nations around the world. He leads the training inside of the Architects Marketing Academy - a marketing and sales training course founded by Richard along with Eric Bobrow and Enoch Sears. Richard's training and strategies help architects win and keep more of the kinds of project they want to work on. (as a side note - he's also a former professional cricket player and holds a guiness world book record).

The Business Development Pipeline and Your ProForma

October 30: 12:00pm (Pacific Time)

Course Description: 
This session combines a discussion of the business development pipeline with the management of a detailed ProForma so that you have powerful tools for navigating your practice.

Speaker Todd L. Reding: Todd L. Reding has served in many roles in both the private sector and non-profit organizations. After serving as the Vice President for Alumni and Development at Grinnell College and receiving his MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, he was named the President and CEO of ASI Signage Innovations in 2008. He served as the Cheif Marketing Officer for Spindustry Digital in Des Moines through 2011, when he left to assist with the launch of a new software company, FunnelWise. Today he remains a senior advisor to the company, while also serving as the Chief Operations Officer and Vice President for Investments for Charrette Venture Group. He is a part owner of Grinnell Media Corp. and Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Iowa. In January, he also became the chair of the board of trustees of Grinnell Regional Medical Center. Todd and his wife Shannon have three children and reside in Grinnell, Iowa.

Todd Reding
Enoch Sears, AIA

October 30: 3:00pm (Pacific Time)

Speaker Enoch Sears ArCH, AIA, LEED AP
: Enoch is the world's leading authority on digital marketing for architects. He is the author of the book Social Media for Architects, as well as his recently released book on the Business of Architecture. He is also the founder and publisher of Business of Architecture, a business training and education portal that provides tools and training to help architects run a practice that matters.

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During the Summit, you'll learn the strategies and tactics the most successful architects in the world use to attract the right projects and make more money. All for the price of a good night on the town. This is a small investment in your business that will pay dividends for the rest of your career.


This 2-day Summit is guaranteed to give you at least 1 powerful business insight that is worth more than your investment. If you attend the Summit and you don't have at least one business insight that is worth more than what you paid and the time you spent watching the seminars, just let me know....I'll personally refund your money, no questions asked. Join the movement of successful firm owners by booking your spot now below.

Enoch Sears

Enoch Bartlett Sears, AIA

Publisher, Business of Architecture​

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