Praise for the DREAM Practice Accelerator

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About the DREAM Practice Accelerator

The DREAM Practice Accelerator is our program that helps architects build a practice and a life around the 3 F's - Fulfillment, Freedom and Finances.

Within the DREAM Practice Accelerator there are multiple tracks - fully customized to what each firm needs based on the goals of each firm owner or partner.

Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design firms are accepted based upon rigorous application criteria and a telephone interview.

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DREAM Practice Accelerator Review - 2610 South

"It was worth it just to talk to other architects around the world and be inspired."

Thorsten Deckler & Anne Graupner
26'10 South Architects
Johannesburg, South Africa

DREAM Practice Accelerator Review - Erin Morris

"My only wish is that I could get the years back that it took to get help."

Erin Morris
Erin Morris Architects, Inc
California, USA

DREAM Practice Accelerator Review - Julie Canter

"It has given me the authority to go after the projects I want."

Julie Canter
Constructed Ground
New York, USA

DREAM Practice Accelerator - Dan Sherer

"I love being an architect again."

Dan Sherer

‚ÄčSherer Associates
South Carolina, USA

DREAM Practice Accelerator Review - Michelle Fenton

"Before this program I was going to die at my desk and that was it."

Michelle Fenton
Khora Design + Interiors
Vancouver, BC, Canada

DREAM Practice Accelerator Review - Mel Price

"$30,000 in new profit AFTER our account disbursements."

Mel Price

Work Program Architects
Virginia, USA

DREAM Practice Accelerator Review - KMMA Architects

"We believe in the future and ourselves. I really think that is only possible because of this process."

Henk Marais & Ben Kotlowitz
KMMA Architects
Cape Town, South Africa

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