Back To School!

Like many other places here in the U.S., in the Sears household it is back to school!

Since Carly and I still have kids at home, we’ll have the joy of going through this transition for quite a few more years to come…

The Sears kids back to school

The Sears kids on the way back to school, with their serious faces on…

We also have 3 family birthdays during August and September, so it is quite busy!

When I was a kid, back school to meant:

  • Spiffy new clothes and shoes for the school year (purchased by my benevolent grandmother)
  • Different teachers and perhaps some new friends
  • The weather goes from 100 + degrees to a tolerable 80 – 90 degrees
  • Change

Yes, it’s that last one I’d like to focus on in today’s article: change.

I don’t know who originally said this, but this is how I feel:

Life is change. If you aren’t growing and evolving, you’re standing still…

At this time a bit of half the year is over, and it’s a good time to stop and reflect on our goals.

Where are we at with our yearly goals? Do we remember what they are?

I don’t.

Instead of making goals a yearly thing, I “make ’em as I need ’em”.

Here are some of my current goals:

  • Improve my relationships with other people.
    I’ll do this by sending “thank-you” cards and making spontaneous and un-planned phone calls to people in my life
  • Add an extra 50% to my take-home income this year.
    I’ve never been overly focused on money -I just like a good metric I can measure. Perhaps I’m not thinking big enough, should I aim to double it?
  • Effect powerfully for good the lives of 100 architects from around the world.
    I think I’m close on this one, but how do I measure it? Not sure…
  • Stick to a standard morning routine every single day (same wake time).
    Currently I’m shooting to wake at 5:45 am every day, which means I need to be in bed by 9:00 pm (whoops, I’m overdue on this one right now!). Check out The Perfect Day Formula Kit which inspires me on this.
  • Cultivate a habit of gratitude in my life.
    When I awake, the first thing I do is sit on my couch and think through all the people in my life, and why I’m grateful for them. This has been a great way to start my day!

In summary, back to school is a great time to take stock and finish out the year with power.

What are some of your goals? What systems do you use to keep track of them and achieve them?

Or do you not make goals?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Enoch Sears

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