513: The 6 High-Profit Business Models for Architects with Rion Willard

The 6 High-Profit Business Models for Architects

In this engaging episode of the Business of Architecture, host Ryan Willard delves into the transformative business models reshaping architecture practices today. Exploring the intersection of profitability, innovation, and strategic structuring, Ryan unveils secrets to achieving remarkable profit margins far beyond industry standards. Through insightful analysis and real-world examples, listeners are guided on a journey […]

511: Architects becoming Property CEOs with Ritchie Clapson of PropertyCEO

Architects Becoming Property CEOs

In this captivating episode, Ritchie Clapson, a non-architect turned property development maestro, shares invaluable insights into the world of property development. Ritchie, with a background in structural engineering, discusses his journey and the innovative approaches he employs to mentor budding and seasoned developers alike. The conversation delves into overcoming common hurdles in the industry, providing […]

510: Building a Compelling Future: ESOPs, Acquisitions & Strategies for Entering New Sectors with James LaPosta of JCJ Architecture

Building a Compelling Future: Esops, Acquistions & Strategies for Entering New Sectors

In this enlightening podcast episode, our guest, a seasoned principal at a prestigious architecture firm, shares his vast experiences and the nuanced intricacies of leading and evolving within the industry. With nearly four decades at the helm, he offers a rare glimpse into the dynamics of architectural practice, growth strategies, and the critical elements of […]

509: Rock n Roll Architecture Practice with Paul Southouse of Paul Southouse Architects

Rock N Roll Architecture Practice

In this captivating episode of the Business of Architecture podcast, host Rion Willard sits down with the innovative Paul South House, a name synonymous with blending tradition with modernity in the architectural realm. Their discussion unfolds in an unconventional setting, revealing the unexpected avenues through which architecture intersects with the hospitality industry. South House shares […]

507: Why Architects Make Less Than Doctors with Enoch Sears

Why Architects Make Less Than Doctors

Welcome to an eye-opening episode where we unravel the age-old debate of earnings: Do doctors or architects take home the bigger paycheck? A quick web search shows that doctors are the winners on this one. So why do doctors earn more than architects in the United States? Is it the experience and training required? It […]