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Episode 359

Transparency and Leadership with Christian Giordano

Enoch SearsMar 3, 2021

This week I’m speaking with Christian Giordano, president and majority shareholder of Mancini Duffy, a technology first design firm based in New York City and New Jersey.

Christian is an innovator, an entrepreneur, a visionary, and a disruptor; he’s the inventor of The Toolbelt LLC, a software suite that allows users to explore and manipulate 3D models collaboratively to explore
and make decisions together. He also the host of the Anti-Architect Podcast.

He has been highlighted as one of Building Design + Construction’s “40 Under 40” Class of 2013. With his leadership of Mancini Duffy, Christian saw a unique opportunity to recalibrate Mancini’s approach — emphasizing technology to transform the way designers across disciplines work. He launched a research & development incubator – dubbed the Design Lab – which brings together designers, technologists, and clients to leverage technologies like Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Drones, Generative Design, and Artificial Intelligence to break barriers limiting design capabilities. What began as an internal incubator, has quickly grown to disrupt the way the design process is facilitated.

In this episode, you will discover

  • How Intrapreneurship is cultivated within the firm
  • How Christian became president and majority shareholder of a firm that has 100 years of history
  • The importance of transparency in developing a powerful business culture

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