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Episode 278

Taking an Architecture Firm to the Next Level with Jefferson Schierbeek

Enoch SearsFeb 2, 2019

Today's interview is a behind-the-scenes conversation with a firm owner graduate of the Architecture Firm Freedom Formula program I run with Scott Beebe.

Scott and I started the Freedom Formula program several years ago because I heard from so many small firm owners that they were overwhelmed with the day-to-day of running the practice and they wanted to get freedom back into their life again.

In the program, Scott and I work with firm owners to implement systems and frameworks so they can free up their time and lay the foundation for an impactful and profitable practice.

In this conversation, I speak with Jefferson Schierbeek, an architect who has run a successful practice in Southern California with his partner Susan Addison for over 25 years. He's no newcomer to business either.

In the past, he founded and ran a CAD outsourcing service with a partner, a business which still operates to this day.

In this episode, we have a candid conversation about why Jefferson joined the program and what he wanted to get out of it.

We talk about the steps he is taking to get his firm to the next level.

I think you'll find Jefferson's story extremely valuable as you work to build your ideal practice.

In today's episode you'll discover:

  • How to set a vision that inspires you to set and meet goals
  • How Jefferson took his business to the next level by revisiting and strengthening the foundation of his practice

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