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Starting an Architecture Firm with Oscia Wilson of Boiled Architecture

Enoch SearsDec 12, 2012

Have you ever wanted to start your own architecture firm? When I tried (and failed) to successfully launch my own architecture firm 5 years ago, I wish I would have known what Oscia Wilson, owner of Boiled Architecture, shares in this interview: the big myth about starting your own firm, what it takes to get clients from scratch, the creative strategy she used to hire the right architects, marketing for architects, and what it took to launch her firm.

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Show Notes Mentioned in the Interview

  1. In addition to her firm, Oscia Wilson is the founder of the Women's Entrepreneurship Retreat which will take place May 24-26, 2013 on beautiful Monterey Bay. This will be an amazing opportunity to connect with other motivated and talented women. I can't recommend this enough. The speakers Oscia has lined up are amazing, and you will have to opportunity to get mentoring and walk away with a network of committed friends. To find out more, click here.
  2. Oscia Wilson is the owner of the firm Boiled Architecture. Go here to visit her firm's web page, find out more about what the firm does, or contact Oscia. Also, subscribe to her blog to follow her journey. You don't want to miss this. Click here. P.S. If you do reach out to Oscia, let her know you found her through Business of Architecture!
  3. The book Oscia recommends in the show is Financial Management for Design Professionals by Steve Wintner and Michael Tardif.
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