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Episode 251

How to be Super Productive with Eric Reinholdt

Enoch SearsJun 6, 2018

Today I welcome back Eric Reinholdt to the Business of Architecture. Eric Reinholdt is the owner of 30×40 Design Workshop, based out of Mount Desert, Maine. His design focuses on simple, modern residential architecture.

In addition to being an architect, Eric is one of the top architect content creators on Youtube.

Practically every single week since 2013, Eric Reinholdt has produced and released a video on Youtube dealing with design and architecture.

The topics of his videos range from design critiques, to book and product reviews, to behind the scenes video blogs of his life and studio.

In today's episode, you'll discover how Eric manages his time to get the most important, strategic tasks done.

You'll discover why Eric is focused on building assets over time, instead of just responding to the day to day fires.

You'll also hear about why Eric vettes potential architecture clients, and how he decides which projects he'll take on, and which ones aren't a fit.

My biggest takeaway from this conversation with Eric Reinholdt is his focus on taking action and being intentional about his day so it leads to the life he wants to live.

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