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Episode 270

How I Grew My Design-Focused Design-Build Firm with John Sofio

Enoch SearsDec 12, 2018

In my work with firm owners from around the world, there's one common thread between firms that have a steady, profitable flow of work without doing much outbound marketing and advertising, vs. other firms that struggle with price shopping clients, fee pressure, and inconsistent demand – wondering where the next project will come from.

This pressure kills the joy of running an architecture firm when you're trying to make ends meet or stressed out about how to get the next client.

One of the most powerful things you can do to avoid this trap is to pick the right niche. In marketing, a niche is described as a “specialized segment of a market for a product or service.”

If you go back to the episode I recorded on how to earn 6 figures or more as an architect – choosing the right niche was one of the important factors.

Today's guest started out doing residential design-build 25 years ago by remodeling 2 bathrooms in Los Angeles for $12,000.

Now his team designs and builds some of the most iconic nightclubs around the United States.
John Sofio is the founder of Built Inc., and this is his story.

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