Episode 376

Monuments to Creativity with Eric Clough

Enoch SearsJul 7, 2021

This week, I'm speaking to Eric Clough who is the founder of Manhattan-based design firm 212box.

Eric was originally from the Midwest and spent his formative years in both Brussels and London. He graduated from Yale in 1999 and founded 212box in late 2000.

212box is actually made up of six companies, which are working in different disciplines and different sectors, and they have an incredible array of different projects.

They worked in retail with people like Christian Louboutin, Sergio Rossi, Lego, and Erdos / 1436, and enlisting clients such as the von Furstenberg family and Philip Roth for residential.

In this conversation, Eric goes into a lot of the philosophy and creativity, and how they merged that with the business aspects of 212box.

212box are brilliant narrators and storytellers with one of their projects involving hiding a series of clues and hidden narratives within one of the buildings.

Still here? Eric has a little riddle for you:

If anyone listening knows of a scented tree, which grows in groves of Jacaranda and has the sure-footedness of a springbok, the industriousness of a beaver, and the vision of an eagle, we hope that you will reach out to that tree and try to tell them that weʼd love to meet them.

-Figured it out? Get in touch!

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