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Episode 219

Freedom, Flexibility and Passive Income as an Architect with Amelia Lee

Enoch SearsOct 10, 2017

Discover how this architect built a business that allows her to help more people and gives her the impact, freedom, and flexibility that matches her family lifestyle.

In 2013, architect Amelia Lee had a big year, personally and professionally.

It started with a personal tragedy and culminated with a trip to Uganda to meet people courageously (and against all odds) ending their own hunger and poverty.

She saw in person what happens when you educate and empower someone to believe things can be different — that they can make a difference and reach a different destination.

She came back home to her husband and 3 small children. She looked at the dreams they had been delaying because they weren't ‘ready': financial goals, career goals, and personal goals.

She thought about all the reasons why she wasn't living the life she really wanted … and realized those reasons were excuses.

She wanted a family-centered, flexible life, where she was really making a difference in how people live in – and beyond – their homes.

She wanted to impact how Australians create and occupy their homes, while also being the wife and mother she wants to be.

She decided to move her family to a beautiful, rural area on the northern Australian coast. Determined that there was another way to leverage her skills as an architect that didn't involve living in a large city and doing traditional client work, she founded Undercover Architect – a consulting platform that helps homeowners get the home of their dreams and helps her build her ideal life.

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