Episode 410

The Fine Art of Listening with Joseph Spierer

Enoch SearsApr 4, 2022

Hello, and welcome to the Business of Architecture. I'm your host, Rion Willard.

And this week, I’m speaking with Joseph Spierer, owner of California-based architecture firm, Joseph Spierer Architects, Inc.

Growing up in Los Angeles County, Joseph attended and received his Architecture degree from The University of Arizona School of Architecture, and got his architecture license in the State of California. 

After interning with, then working for, several leading Southern California Architects of note, Joseph opened his own Architecture practice in the South Bay, specializing in custom residential and small commercial projects. 

In addition to practicing architecture, Joseph is a managing member of several real estate holding companies and is one of the owners and partners of JAM Properties, which identifies and assembles real estate investment and development opportunities throughout Southern California.  

In this episode, Joseph gives a little glimpse of how the firm operates, how they win work, how they mitigate risks from onboarding a client to the design process, and what, for him, makes for a successful team.

We also discuss the valuable skill of deep listening and how it's instrumental in bringing projects to life in a personal way, the company's vision and mission, and what's in store for Joseph and his team in 2022.

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