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Episode 276

Entrepreneurship in Architecture with Rodney Robles

Enoch SearsJan 1, 2019

Although they won numerous awards and were doing satisfying work, architect Rodney Robles realized something was missing in his firm.

After ignoring the business aspect of his firm for the first 7 years, he immersed himself on how to run a great practice, which has made a great difference on his business, his work, and his life.

Rodney Robles is the founder of the architecture firm Factor:Recurso, based in Monterrey, Mexico.

I was introduced to Rodney by Rion Willard who runs the Business of Architecture in the UK.

Factor:Recurso has won numerous awards and is frequently featured in the media, being recognized as an emerging talent in 2010.

Rodney Robles also runs a popular Instagram channel, so that's where we start today's conversation.

In today's episode, you'll discover:

  • Tips for using Instagram successfully as an architect
  • Rodney's 2 favorite business books
  • Why Rodney pivoted after 7 years to focus on the business side of his practice
  • What he would tell his younger self about running a successful business
  • How to take a strategic approaching to build your business

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