Episode 403

Can Buildings Make Us Happier? with Bruce Haden

Enoch SearsMar 3, 2022

This week, we have Bruce Haden, Co-Founder of Human Studio, a design and architecture firm based in Vancouver, Canada.

In his work as an architect, Bruce saw a problem. He found that he often lacked hard metrics and data to inform or at least justify design decisions. As a result, he found that clients ultimately and frequently based their decisions on more hard and measurable data like construction costs.

But how do we quantify or calculate the more intangible elements of design? More importantly, how do we justify these costs or expenditures to these clients who are, ultimately, footing the bill?

As a result of his inquiry, Haden developed and spearheaded the design software application called FLUID Sociability that measures the sociability of buildings and spaces.

Ultimately, this is a story that lies at the heart of what it means here at the Business of Architecture.

Business of Architecture is simply this: When you have an important message and a mission, when you have value to give to the world, how do you get the opportunity tome that impact?

How do take an idea and vet that idea? How do you then find the funding or the ability or the resources to bring that idea to the world? And how do you then make it visible and help it have an impact?

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