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  1. Hi!…….Bob, Thanks for writing such an amazing article. I like your views about architecture.I must say you are a very best architect. Thanks a lot for the helpful information.

  2. I really did enjoy this interview with Bob. His commitment and enthusiasm for his craft is infectious. I think he did hit the nail on the head when he stressed that it is the Mindset and working with people that Aces the hole.

    I too have found the sources of satisfaction in my practice and many of them has to do with either the end result or target points where I can gauge client’s receptiveness and collaborators will and enthusiasm, and these usually trumps the perfect design every time. There is a certain ‘purple’ feeling that comes with knowing that the thing was resolved rightly, even though it involved a lot of boring and mundane tasks, and the people involved are proud of the achievement.

    Sometimes the ‘practice’ of architecture can be an onerous task, and sometimes the ‘perfect’ of architecture is a joy. One brings the other, and in order to bring about the ‘perfecting’ of architecture one has to keep ‘practicing’ the thing.

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