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Episode 063

Behavior Change and Time Management with BJ Fogg

Enoch SearsJul 7, 2014

Dr. BJ Fogg is the founder and director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford. Fortune Magazine selected BJ as one of ten “New Gurus You Should Know.”

An experimental psychologist, Fogg has created breakthrough methods for changing human behavior. At his guest home on the Russian River, he teaches small groups of industry innovators how to apply his methods in his monthly “Boot Camp in Behavior Design.” Over the past two years he has personally coached over 20,000 people in his breakthrough method called Tiny Habits.
He is the author of “Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do,” the first book to explain how technology can be designed to influence people. Fortune Magazine selected BJ as one of ten “New Gurus You Should Know.”

Here's what we discuss in this interview:

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