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Episode 242

Business Systems for Architects with Dan Sherer

Enoch SearsApr 4, 2018

Today we speak with an architect who, three years ago, realized that his passion for the practice of architecture was dying.

Perhaps you've felt this way or you feel this way now.

Perhaps you feel that drafting away arranging details on sheets or answering RFIs isn't what you are cut out to do.

Or maybe you just spend to much time doing the small stuff that saps your energy instead of the work that energizes and excites you – the reason you got into architecture in the first place.

Instead of the excitement of working with clients and designing new clients, today's guest felt like he was jumping from meeting to meeting and project to project without making meaningful progress in his business.

He had a fine income, but it wasn't great.

He was feeling burn out in a major way and knew something had to change.

Today's guest is architect Dan Sherer, founder and owner of Sherer & Associates, a firm with 2 offices based out of South Carolina.

He shares his journey to creating a practice that he loves, with exciting projects and clients – His firm empowers his life instead of controlling it, his staff are happier and purposeful, and his clients appreciate and value the work of the firm.

Resources for today’s show:

Free Online Training on building a Freedom Firm

Sherer & Associates, LLC

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