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Episode 333

Architect Builds Real Estate Empire with Matthew Gullo

Enoch SearsSep 9, 2020

Matthew Gullo is a native Houstonian and graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in architecture. After 14 years into an architecture career as a licensed architect he found himself as a principal of a multi-office Texas based firm with a need for a change.

In 2013, after being married for almost two years to his supportive and beautiful wife, his back felt like it was against the wall career wise. The market was on an uphill climb but the Houston office, of the firm he was with, was experiencing some light work loads. With the mood in the office waning, a strong desire to see what he could do on his own, and a lot of deep questions on his mind he started writing and publishing his thoughts on a blog called Smart Simple Life. He was exploring ideas, coaching, self development, business acumen, and alternatives to the traditional architecture career. To put it bluntly, Matthew was motivated to make a bigger change than just going to another firm and did not want to be dependent on someone else to bring work into office.

In December of 2013, he put in his notice to leave his principal position after having lunch with his great friend, Chris Grizzaffi, that was at the time and still is a part of Keller Williams. They talked about how the Smart Simple Life blog and how a lot of the things he was writing about paralleled Keller Williams teachings and philosophies.

With a cheat sheet to getting a real estate license that Chris gave him, Matthew devised a plan to become a licensed Real Estate agent in 14 days. Over the next 10 days he got up super early before work to study and complete all of the required courses, took a 2 day prep class, scheduled a test and passed.

The last few days of 2013, Matthew signed up with KW and took their extensive training called Ignite during the first week in January. With that training, the great people in my office, his coach Sheri Malone, Chris, the support of his wife and family he was able to sell 20 properties that first year for almost $4M in volume and was named the rising star in real estate.

In 2016 his wife was able to quit her job and began helping Matthew part-time. They also hired someone to help show properties so he could focus on growing the company.

Today, The Gullo Group is in the top 1% of Realtors in Houston, they have a full time operations manager, an agent that focuses on buyers, a marketing department, and several partners that help us get it all done.

Follow The Gullo Group via their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thegullogroup/

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