Episode 552

Recession Prep with Enoch Sears & Rion Willard

Jackie SageJul 7, 2024

Enoch Sears and Rion Willard delve into strategies for navigating economic uncertainty in architectural practice in this episode. They explore the psychological impact of fear on decision-making during downturns, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning and business development. Insights on effective cash flow forecasting and maintaining client relationships during challenging times are shared, highlighting proactive approaches to sustaining profitability. The discussion also touches on leveraging digital platforms for marketing and sales, showcasing accessible avenues to expand architectural influence in a competitive landscape.

  • Discover practical strategies architects use to thrive during economic downturns.
  • Learn how to overcome fear and make wise business decisions under pressure.
  • Explore insights on effective cash flow management and strategic planning.
  • Understand the role of digital marketing in expanding architectural practice influence.

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Enoch Bartlett Sears is the founder of the Architect Business Institute, Business of Architecture and co-founder of the Architect Marketing Institute. He helps architects become category leaders in their market. Enoch hosts the #1 rated interview podcast for architects, the Business of Architecture Show where prominent guests like M. Arthur Gensler, Jr. and Thom Mayne share tips and strategies for success in architecture.


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