Episode 549

Creating a Brand that Connects with People with Kasey Johnson & Regan Nix of Blue Pencil Collective

Jackie SageJun 6, 2024

In this engaging podcast episode, Regan and Kasey share their journey from novices to successful business owners. They discuss their learning experiences, the challenges they faced, and the importance of trust in their partnership. The conversation delves into their unique approach to business and the experts they've relied on for support.

  • Discover how two friends turned a passion into a thriving business.
  • Learn the surprising challenges they encountered along the way.
  • Find out the secrets behind their strong partnership.
  • Hear why bringing in outside help was a game-changer for them.

Tune in to uncover the valuable lessons and insights from Regan and Kasey's story.

To learn more about Kasey & Regan, visit their:
Website: https://www.bluepencilcollective.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluepencilcollective/?hl=en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluepencilcollective

For more information on our sponsor, World Teams, visit their:
Website: https://worldteams.com/

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