Episode 506

Advice to Grow Your Architectural Career with Chris Simmons of Squire and Partners

Jackie SageJan 1, 2024

In a captivating episode of the business of architecture, Rion engages in a profound conversation with Chris, a seasoned professional from Squire and Partners. The dialogue effortlessly weaves through the intricate tapestry of architectural career progression, highlighting the transition from academic realms to the pragmatic world of professional practice. Their discussion illuminates the often-overlooked aspects of career growth within the architecture industry.

  • Discover how a simple lockdown hobby can evolve into a pivotal career opportunity.
  • Uncover the critical role of mentorship and its impact on career trajectory in architecture.
  • Learn about unique strategies for effective job hunting and professional networking.
  • Explore the intriguing way social media can be leveraged for professional advancement in the architecture field.

This episode is a treasure trove of insights for both budding and experienced architects, offering nuanced perspectives on career development and the architectural profession. It's a must-listen for those aiming to navigate the complex yet rewarding path of an architectural career.

To learn more about Chris, visit his:
Website: https://www.architectsinstruction.com/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/chrissimmons0
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrissimmons0

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