Episode 499

Shaping Spaces & Futures

Jackie SageJan 1, 2024

Architects often battle with the challenge of balancing creative vision with practical business needs, a pain point that Sam Nunes, founding partner of WRNS Studio, addresses in this captivating podcast. He explores how architects can navigate these complexities while maintaining integrity and innovation in their work. In this engaging discussion, Nunes delves into the unique journey and philosophy behind WRNS Studio, a practice that spans multiple locations and combines diverse portfolios with a core focus on sustainability. Nunes reflects on the inception of the studio, highlighting pivotal moments and decisions that shaped its evolution. He also discusses the innovative management and governance structures that have been instrumental in driving the firm’s success, offering insights into the dynamics of running a thriving architectural practice and emphasizing the importance of adaptability and vision.

  • Discover the unconventional path that led to the founding of WRNS Studio.
  • Learn how a unique management style can revolutionize a traditional industry.
  • Understand the role of values and culture in shaping a successful architectural firm.
  • Find out how WRNS Studio navigated growth and challenges in a competitive environment.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of creativity, leadership, and innovation in the world of architecture.

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