Episode 495

6 Ways to Make More Money in Your Practice with Rion Willard

Jackie SageDec 12, 2023

In the latest episode of “The Business of Architecture,” host Rion Willard addresses a pressing concern faced by many architects: the struggle to balance the art of architecture with its economic realities. He dives deep into the challenges and pains of navigating financial aspects in an industry often more focused on design than dollars. This backdrop sets the stage for a compelling discussion that promises to reshape traditional views on the business side of architecture.

Rion challenges conventional perspectives, urging architects to rethink their approach to business and profitability. He advocates for a mindset shift, highlighting the critical role of financial literacy in building successful, impactful architectural practices. The episode teases various strategies and insights, yet leaves listeners yearning for the detailed solutions that Rion promises can revolutionize the field.

  • A common financial misconception in architecture that needs debunking.
  • A key negotiation skill that can dramatically shift client interactions.
  • An often-neglected business activity that could unlock new opportunities.
  • A strategic plan that redefines success in architectural practice.

To fully appreciate these transformative ideas, tune in to the full episode and uncover the hidden potential within your architectural practice.

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