Episode 492

The Secret Handbook to Winning & Closing Projects with Jeff Frame of Frame Architecture

Jackie SageNov 11, 2023

In the fiercely competitive arena of architecture, professionals frequently wrestle with the dual challenge of not merely securing projects but bringing them to fruition. This endeavor can be as intricate as the blueprints they create. The battle to differentiate oneself in a saturated marketplace consistently compels architects to seek out inventive strategies that will guarantee both their endurance and prosperity in the field.

In this latest episode, Rion Willard invites you to delve into the transformative journey of Jeff Frame, an architect whose unorthodox strategies have reshaped the way architectural projects are secured. Jeff weaves a compelling tale of integrating philanthropy with strategic networking, revealing how combining professional acumen with a passion for the community can catalyze both business growth and societal impact. His narrative is a veritable masterclass in how to navigate the intricate dance of high-stakes business with finesse and a commitment to social good.

This episode is a call to the curious and a promise of insights equipped to empower you to carve a niche through the power of giving and building sincere relationships.

  • Explore Jeff's ingenious tactic that transforms community events into veritable opportunity hubs.
  • Learn the ‘unspoken dialogue' technique that could revolutionize your networking approach.
  • Uncover a counterintuitive strategy that might just alter your perspective on marketing investment.
  • Discover the one traditional tool Jeff champions for cultivating genuine connections, often overlooked yet exceedingly effective.

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