Episode 489

Architectural Permitting Pitfalls

Jackie SageOct 10, 2023

Every architect knows that designing a building is only half the battle; obtaining the necessary permits and approvals can often be a labyrinthine process filled with unexpected setbacks and frustrations.

Navigating the intricacies of the architecture world isn't just about design and construction; it often hinges on the art of communication.

In this riveting podcast episode, Joe dives deep into the challenges architects face, particularly when they're up against building departments.

From unexpected hurdles post-COVID to mastering the nuances of code-related discussions, Joe and Enoch discuss strategies every architect can adopt.

Their conversation unravels the layers of human interaction, highlighting the power of persistence, the craft of asking the right questions, and the importance of confidence in your value proposition.

This isn't just about buildings – it's about architecting success through strategic communication.

  • Discover the *unexpected challenge* that's been persisting three years post-COVID and how it impacts architects.
  • Joe's *secret technique* to turn a “no” from building departments into an opportunity.
  • Why architects might be underselling themselves and what can change the game.
  • The “we approach” Enoch mentions – what is it, and why is it a game-changer for difficult conversations?

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