Episode 442

Why Design React Mode is Shrinking your Business with Michael Bernard

Jackie SageDec 12, 2022

Today we will be speaking with Michael Bernard AIA. He is the founder of Virtual Practice Consulting, where he provides strategic advice to design and construction firms.

He was a professor in the architecture department at The California College of the Arts in San Francisco for many years and previously served as a director on the board of the San Francisco chapter of the AIA and on the board of the AIA California Council. He’s led several committees and served as Architect Advisor to the academy for emerging professionals at the AIA San Francisco.

Michael’s Origin Story

Michael discovered architecture as a 10 year old when he was inspired by house plan magazines at the supermarket and built 3D models as a child. In college, he studied psychology with the intent of becoming a clinical psychologist. While he was teaching French to exchange students during summer school, a colleague noticed him sketching and asked if he’d ever thought of architecture as a profession.

Michael started in design and worked for Charles Moore in Los Angeles. After some time, he went to work for a larger technical firm because he wanted to learn what the underpinning was of design. Over the course of his career, he always wanted more. He finally realized that what he loved most about architecture is the creative team that makes a project happen.

In today’s episode we will be discussing:

  • The importance of defining culture in a business for high performance
  • The evolution of leadership all business owners must  journey through
  • We discuss the dangers of ‘Design React Mode’

To learn more about Michael Bernard visit his:

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-bernard-67b6b84/

Website: https://v-prac.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michael_bernard_/?hl=en

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