Episode 438

Key Financial Metrics for an Architecture Firm with Hugh Glazer

Jackie SageNov 11, 2022

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Hello and welcome to the Business of Architecture.  This week I am speaking with Hugh Glazer who is a CPA for 30+ years and delivers CFO and Business Operations Services to Private Companies and Not for Profit Organizations.  

As a consultant, part time CFO and hands on advisor he strategically manages projects to offer merger-acquisition-integration, budgeting, financial planning and managing new initiatives to deliver dramatic results.

Hugh has mentored over 150+ CEOs through the ‘10,000 Small Business Program’ at Babson College.  His specialties include software development, publishing, architecture, advertising, and not for profit.

He is also our specialist financial consultant inside of the SMART PRACTICE Method, our flagship business program for architects to run profitable and impactful businesses. 

In this week’s episode we will be discussing:

6 key financial metrics including: 

      1. Profit & Target Multiplier
      2. Cash Flow Breakeven
      3. Net Fee per staff
      4. Utilization Rate
      5. Checks & Balances
      6. Accounts Receivable

    To learn more about Hugh Glazer, visit his:

    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hjglazer

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