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Episode 034

How to Get Press as an Architect with Hank Butitta

Enoch SearsDec 12, 2013

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In 1968 Andy Warhol famously said that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, or as is said in the UK, “nine day's wonder”. So the question is, what will you do with your 15 minutes?

Today's guest had fame for not only 15 minutes, but several months.

His name is Hank Butitta, and for his Masters in Architecture Thesis at the University of Minnesota he converted an old school bus into a shiek, modern living space.

You can find out more about his project at his website, HankBoughtABus.com where Hank and his two Justin Evidon and Vince Butitta have documented their road trip with pictures and photographs.

What originally attracted me to this story is not only the uniqueness of the project, but also the way they have embraced social media and online tools to share their experiment. This is a story that truly “went viral”. I highly recommend you visit hankboughtabus.com just to feast your eyes on the amazing documentary-style photographs.

In the first half of our conversation, we discuss why Hank built a bus for his thesis, the importance of prototyping, and how you can harness your hour in the spotlight.

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