A Day In The Life Of An Architect

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What is a typical day in the life of an architect like? We decided to tackle that question in honor of Architecture Week 2014, and this is the result: a crowd sourced video featuring over 50 architects and intern architects from 12 nations around the world!

As you can see, the sun never sets on architecture. If you are an architect, does this look like your day? If you aren't an architect, does this look like what you imagined an architect's day to be like? Leave your answer in the comments below!

#Architecture Week is a celebration of architecture and architects sponsored by the American Institute of Architects which coincides with the birthday of the United States' first president/architect, Thomas Jefferson. Architecture week in 2014 runs from April 6-12.

Thanks to all of our contributors!

Special thanks to our contributors:

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  • Mark Di Gino, California
  • Guillermo Sepúlveda, México
  • Nicolai Kruger AIA, Japan
  • Jeff Echols, Indiana
  • Gayla Bechtol, New Mexico
  • James Butterworth, UK
  • Rachel Burton, South Carolina
  • Michael Scarmack, Ohio
  • Rod Blouin AIA, California
  • Alejandro Garza, México
  • Mark Siddall, UK
  • Tiwalola Fadeyibi, Nigeria
  • Grupo Arquidecture, México
  • Michael Ngulukila, South Africa
  • Mickey Rushing, Florida
  • Mike Renaud, Florida
  • Mark R. LePage AIA, New York
  • Rob Mothershed, California
  • Timothy Cox, Pennsylvania
  • Corey Fuher, Montana
  • José da Silva, Portugal
  • Carlos Molnar AIA, Florida
  • Kurt M. Kalafsky AIA, New Jersey
  • Seth Amman, New York
  • Sheena Sharp, Ontario, Cananda
  • Catherine Nasmith, Ontario, Canada
  • Elana Mayerfeld, Israel
  • Enrico Bonilauri, Italy
  • Scott Steen, Alabama
  • Alfonso Duran, Texas
  • Nico Van Der Meulen, South Africa
  • Josiah Maddock, California
  • Elrond Burrell, UK
  • Eric Reinholdt, Maine
  • Helen Brunskill, UK
  • Emily Grandstaff-Rice AIA, Massachusetts
  • Ryan Sadowy, California
  • Robert Sawyer, California
  • Collier Ward, Alabama
  • Neal A. Pann, California
  • Marissa Fuher AIA, Montana
  • Emma Wey, South Dakota
  • Mark Landon, South Dakota
  • Elizabeth Schulze, South Dakota
  • Brian Heidbrink, South Dakota
  • Cathi Colla, Melbourne
  • Jes Stafford, North Carolina
  • Marica McKeel, New York
  • Bryan Tecson, Philippines




Enoch Bartlett Sears is the founder of the Architect Business Institute, Business of Architecture and co-founder of the Architect Marketing Institute. He helps architects become category leaders in their market. Enoch hosts the #1 rated interview podcast for architects, the Business of Architecture Show where prominent guests like M. Arthur Gensler, Jr. and Thom Mayne share tips and strategies for success in architecture.

31 Responses

  1. Thanks for the video Enoch and contributers and nice to know we are all very similar in our daily work lives. I too have commuted by bicycle but also by car and train. Walked or biked in the country at lunch and sat at many meetings during lunch. Architect in Southern California.

  2. Nice job on the video. As a non-architect looking in this isn’t what I had imagined a day for an architect could be like. Pretty awesome.

    1. Great seeing our ‘own’ Tiwa featured. So proud of you!! I know you give 110%, from personal experience. Well done.

  3. Enoch…great idea chief…
    I’ll take a #7…my late lunch hike in Acadia National Park…

  4. 8:30 site visit slot..i will send the video in an email..

    exciting project.

    I’ve seen your videos also ..good job.. Enoch


  5. Lunchtime – I go for a walk in the countryside around the office, I’ll email you a video from my walk.

  6. posted to twitter for an 8:06 AM slot …. 20 steps to Studio 8 and 15 seconds of #Architectural fame, eh ?! Great idea coming from B of Arch.

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