3 Steps to Building a Business System

The topic of today’s ArchitectCEO Update is: herding kids. Every year my kids swim on the swim team. This year, two of my kids qualified for the time trials. The kids who get the best times at the time trials get to participate in the regional finals here in Central California. Running one of these […]

Creating the Self-Managed Firm

As a small architecture firm owner, you’re a bottleneck in your firm. How do you unchain yourself from the day-to-day operations of the firm so you can focus on the things that are the best use of your time and focus, instead of the administrative minutiae that sap your energy and leave you drained at […]

An Ode to Independence

Today here in the United States we’re celebrating Independence Day. It’s a great time to reflect on freedom, and what it means to be free. In today’s world we are freer that we’ve ever been before – we collectively have more wealth, more opportunities and more information than ever. And yet this abundance brings us […]

The Small Architecture Firm Marketing Roadmap

Today I answer a viewer question. “Enoch, what is the roadmap for marketing a small architecture firm?” – Tom Great question Tom. I get asked this frequently, because if work isn’t coming into a firm, the firm doesn’t eat. And a lot of firms out there are struggling to get the food they want to […]

How To Win More of the Right Architecture Projects

I live in California’s Great Central Valley – a huge agricultural region that runs the entire length of California. The farmers around here produce billions of dollars of produce every year – fruit, nuts, vegetables, etc. As I was driving around recently, I looked over the endless fruit orchards and got to thinking about the […]