Best Apps for Architects

Do computers save you time? If you were around when AutoCAD replaced hard-lined drawings as the de-facto standard, you’ll also remember the hype about how computers were going to save you time. Just imagine, a change is as simple as moving a few lines on a computer screen, instead of redrawing an entire drawing. And […]

BIM for Small Projects? Case Studies

[box]A note from Enoch: The AIA is hosting a special webinar this Friday, March 9, 2012, entitled: BIM for Small Projects II: Case Studies in Innovative BIM Use by Small Firms and Sole Practitioners. One of the presenters, Jared Banks, AIA, of gives us a teaser of his presentation. I look forward to viewing […]

BIM for Small Projects

You’ve heard of BIM (Building Information Modeling). Perhaps you are using Revit, ArchiCAD or Vectorworks in your office. Perhaps you are not. If you aren’t, perhaps it is because you don’t have the time or incentive to learn an entirely new technology. Perhaps you have considered switching to this technology but just can’t figure out […]

My Favorite Revit 2012 Feature

Revit Feature for Architects

So now that Revit 2012 has been out for a while, and I’ve explored it, though not used it heavily, I thought I’d share with you my favorite feature. This feature is often overlooked, but it is a really awesome and convenient way to export your families to text files. Even better, you can open […]