Dear Architect, Your Website Sucks

Dear architect, would you like more of the ‘right’ kind of clients? Well, if you are hoping the web will help you with this goal, let me give you a tip: your website sucks. I know, it isn’t a very polite thing to say. But I’m helping architects here, not trying to be the best-liked […]


June 07, 2018

Chat log:  00:17:10 Erin Morris: has anyone done a “working interview”? we’re trying to make the best hiring decisions possible 00:17:36 Erin Morris: we’re also considering giving a potential hire a small design charette to see their capapbility- thoughts? 00:18:36 Verity: I’m working on the job roles, and I’m not sure what the Big Bucket […]


250: YouTube for Architects with Eric Reinholdt

In today’s show, architect Eric Reinholdt reveals what it took to build his Youtube subscriber base to over 100k subscribers, giving him an income stream outside of traditional architecture, and bringing him project inquiries from around the world.

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