Are architects killing the profession?

Strange question, I know.

How could architects be killing the profession, we ARE the profession?

Well, let me tell you a story about John, and you decide.

John has been practicing architecture for 30 years and has a good 10 years to go.

He's done many interesting projects over his career.

Financially, however, he has little to show for it.

He's still working 60 – 70 hour work weeks, working for ‘peanuts' (in his own words).

Clients often complain about his fees or try to negotiate him down.

Even if he slashes his fees, he's still seen as “expensive.”

He can't compete with other architects who offer rock-bottom prices … he wonders how they pay their bills.

On the other hand, he knows firms that charge 3x what he charges (and work 3x less).

He's caught in this awful dilemma.

He loves what he does … but sometimes it's so hard it hurts.

His brother, an accountant, lives in an estate size house with a beautiful pool.

Does he envy his brother?

In moments of frustration, yes.

But more than envy, he just wishes he had more to show for his life's work.

And that's what I address in today's video.

Is there a systemic problem in the profession of architecture? Or is this an isolated incident?

Watch the video above that I recorded on my morning walk today in London and let me know what you think.

At the end of the video, I invite you to join the movement – watch the video to see what I mean.

Carpe diem.


P.S. John is a real person, but that isn't his real name.