Architect Shuns Tradition to Kickstart Oakland AEC Co-Working Space

Are big, consolidated architecture firms the wave of the future?

Entrepreneur architect Oscia Wilson believes the small architecture firm is alive and well, and that they should collaborate with each other and similar building industry businesses.

Oakland AEC-Only Co-Working Space

She's kickstarting an ambitious campaign to fund Oakland's only AEC specific co-working space, BIG (Building Industry Group) Oakland.

“I'm an architect and small business owner. I was looking for a co-working space to join for my company. I toured all of them in my area and I couldn't find one that was set up for architects,” says Wilson.

“Business-minded architects will see the value of having a professional office space instead of always working out of their kitchen, and [they'll appreciate] not having to foot the bill for that professional office all alone,” she added.

Watch my full, 9 minute video with Oscia Wilson here:

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For more information on this project, see BIG Oakland on Kickstarter.



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