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Secrets to Getting Started as an Architect-Developer with Soheil Nakhshab

Have you ever wanted to develop your own projects? You know, have control over the design and reap the profit from all of your hard work? Today we'll be speaking with the CEO of one of San Diego's premiere boutique urban residential developers. His company designs, develops and builds beautiful, contemporary single and multi-family projects, adding to the local communi [...]

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Profiting from your Projects with Soheil Nakhshab

Have you ever worked with a client and thought - if I were in their shoes I'd do things differently? Perhaps you've daydreamed about what you'd do if you held the purse strings - and had 100% design control. Would you design your projects the same? And what if you could make a profit off of the project, not just collect a fee? Today's guest has done just that. On [...]

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Boosting your Income with Doug Patt

Today you're going to learn about earning money or pursuing a passion that isn't directly related to designing buildings. You'll also discover how to tap into the power of YouTube to market your practice. Our guest today works with the firm of Joeb Moore designing high-end custom homes, based in Greenwich, CT. He's worked on projects that have been published nationally [...]

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Turning Ideas into Products with Doug Patt

Have you ever felt that you have a creation inside of you waiting to come out? Perhaps an invention that you're sure would change the world, or perhaps a book that you would love to write. Today's show is all about taking your skills and training as an architect and applying it to other areas like writing and product development. Our guest today currently works with the f [...]

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