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279: Getting Good Projects When No One Knows Who You Are with Nick Tsontakis

Today we welcome architect Nick Tsontakis to the show. Nick Tsontakis runs a successful and highly awarded residential architecture practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. In today's episode, you'll discover: How Nick wins his impressive, high caliber projects The one thing Nick says architects need to do, that they almost never do The strategy Nick used to grow his practice w [...]

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278: Taking an Architecture Firm to the Next Level with Jefferson Schierbeek

Today's interview is a behind-the-scenes conversation with a firm owner graduate of the Architecture Firm Freedom Formula program I run with Scott Beebe. Scott and I started the Freedom Formula program several years ago because I heard from so many small firm owners that they were overwhelmed with the day-to-day of running the practice and they wanted to get freedom back into [...]

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277: How This Architect Went From Overwhelmed Operator to Empowered Owner with Erin Morris

Today we welcome Erin Morris to the show. Erin Morris is the president of Erin Morris Architect, a design-focused firm based in Newport Beach, California. In today's episode, you'll discover: The two main things that helped Erin go from overwhelmed operator to empowered owner How to build a business around your life, not the other way around How Erin went from wan [...]

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276: Entrepreneurship in Architecture with Rodney Robles

Although they won numerous awards and were doing satisfying work, architect Rodney Robles realized something was missing in his firm. After ignoring the business aspect of his firm for the first 7 years, he immersed himself on how to run a great practice, which has made a great difference on his business, his work, and his life. Rodney Robles is the founder of the architectur [...]

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