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235: Growing a Design-Focused Architecture Firm with Meredith Bowles

Meredith Bowles has been hailed as “One of Britain’s top 10 architect provocateurs, who are shaking things up with bold, innovative designs.” In today's episode, Meredith Bowles discuss his journey in the business of architecture building his design-focused firm Mole Architects. You'll discover: How to get more of the kind of work you want A methodology for [...]

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234: A Case Study in Instagram for Architecture with Adam Nathaniel Furman

Digital tools like Instagram, Facebook, podcasts and the like have opened up the possibilities for young and imaginative practices to get their message out there. In today's episode, Rion Willard interviews noted London designer Adam Nathaniel Furman. Furman has, as of this writing, almost 20k followers on Instagram. In this episode, Furman reflects on design, building a [...]

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233: Effective Leadership in Architecture with Peter DeLisle, Hon. AIA

Have you ever felt like there's too much to get done in one day? And yet when we look at some of the world's most prolific entrepreneurs, like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, they way they've been able to build these great companies isn't by doing everything themselves. They succeed by succeeding through others. As I've researched what the world's most successful archit [...]

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232: Real Estate Development and Design with Roger Zogolovitch

This week on the Business of Architecture podcast, my co-host Rion Willard takes the mic and interviews architect / developer Roger Zogolovitch.Zogolovitch co-founded the innovative architecture practice CZWG in 1975.In 1982, he raised enough money to get started in development.The role of an architect is limited, says Zogolovitch. “I wanted to be involved in every aspect [...]

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