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248: Getting Clients Consistently with Tom Poland

Have you ever been frustrated by the feast or famine cycle of not enough work or too much work? What if there was a way that you could control the number of meetings you have with qualified people who are predisposed to working with you? Tom Poland is the creator of "Leadsology" the science of being in demand, and he has developed a process that does exactly that. In tod [...]

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247: Videography for Architects with Jeff Durkin

Today we have world-class videographer Jeff Durkin with us to talk about using the power of video as a tool for persuasion and storytelling. Jeff studied architecture at the University of California at Berkeley, worked for 10 years in the architecture industry and then transitioned to videography in 2008. He quickly found a niche using his understanding of space and the b [...]

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246: Free Up Your Time with Connor Gillivan

In today's episode, co-founder Connor Gillivan discusses how architecture and design firm owners can outsource to free up time and be more efficient. You'll discover: 3 keys to not making a mistake when you hire your next team member 6 things you can outsource as an architect to save yourself time What to consider when hiring a virtual or executive ass [...]

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245: Hire the Best with Mel Price

Today we speak with architect Mel Price. Mel is a partner in the firm Work Program Architects based out of Norfolk, VA. She's an incredible leader committed to radical transparency in the firm and with her partner Thom White, she's built a thriving and financially successful office with a spectacular team. In today's interview, Mel talks about how she's contributed to buildi [...]

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