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Latest Podcast Episodes

274: Sell Value, Not Architecture

On today's episode, you'll hear an excerpt from the group coaching call I run every week with architecture and design firm owners around the world. In this call a South-Africa based architect asks how she can use the additional information she has in a Building Information Model to provide greater value to a client and greater compensation for her services. On this episode yo [...]

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273: How to Attract the Right Client to Your Firm

In today's episode of the Business of Architecture podcast, you'll get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Mastermind group I run with Richard Petrie and Eric Bobrow. A Mastermind group is a small group of individuals who meet regularly to brainstorm and think tank about a particular subject. This Mastermind focuses on helping group members win higher quality projects throu [...]

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272: How to Replicate Yourself in Your Architecture Firm with Stacy Cox

One of the biggest challenges faced by architecture firm owners is that we feel we do everything so well, we have a hard time delegating these things to other people because they won't be able to do it as well as we can. This is fine if you're a sole practitioner and you want to focus on small projects; however, as your firm grows this becomes problematic. We hamstring oursel [...]

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271: Nightclub Designer Spills Business Secrets with John Sofio

When John Sofio told his employer back in 1994 that his goal was to earn "over $400k in a year," his employer laughed. John hit the streets looking for work on his own, which resulted in his first job, remodeling two bathrooms in Los Angeles. Fast-forward 20 years and John is a well-known and iconic nightclub designer. Architect John Sofio and his team also build these space [...]

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