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239: Tax Planning Strategies to Save More Money with Craig Cody

Craig Cody, a Certified Public Accountant, reached out and wanted to share some tax tips here on the show. He's a former New York City police officer and also a Certified Tax Coach, which basically means he specializes in helping business owners find the most tax efficient structure for their business. So if you're not in the US, a lot of the specifics we discuss won't be [...]

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238: How To Upgrade Your Network with Enoch Sears

Today I'm mixing it up. I had a breakthrough last week and I want to share it with you because I think it will help you. Legendary business consultant Jim Rohn is reported to have said, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." What did he mean by that? Well, the people we associate with can pull us down, keep us where we are, or pull us up to [...]

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237: Growing a Practice In Short Order with James Sizer

On today's episode of the Business of Architecture show, you'll discover how a UK-based firm grew their practice in short order by using a few powerful yet simple business strategies. James Sizer and his wife Solam Sizer are directors of the firm SA Architectural Services, based out of Norwich, UK. In 2017, the firm joined the Architect Marketing Institute's firm accelera [...]

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236: Contract Documents for Architects with Ken Cobleigh

Contracts form a large part of what we do as architects because they form the basis for the services that we provide to our clients. Today we are honored to be joined by Ken Cobleigh, the managing director, and counsel for the AIA Contract Documents program. We discuss the recently released 2017 AIA contract documents. A lot of thought and planning has gone into this late [...]

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