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Architect as Developer – Crowdsourcing Real Estate Developments with Ben Miller of

Today's guest is Ben Miller, co-founder of Fundrise is changing the way real estate development happens by putting power back in the hands of local residents. Fundrise is a crowdsourcing platform for funding real estate developments. Instead of developments being funded by large, heavily capitalized institutional investors, Fundrise allows boutique investors to get part of the action by investing as little as $100 to a development project. Fundrise gives individuals the ability to invest directly in local properties without the unnecessary fees and middlemen of conventional real estate equity finance. With Fundrise, people now have the power to earn financial returns while building the city they want to live in.

In this interview we discuss:

  1. Why architects often fail at developing their own projects
  2. How the thinking of developers differs from that of architects
  3. How Fundrise is changing the future of real estate investing
  4. The future of architecture and crowdsourcing

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Show Notes:

  1. Visit Fundrise at

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