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A Day in the Life of An Architecture Executive with Teresa Ruiz

Today I speak with Teresa Ruiz, Vice President and Associate Principal at SB Architects. SB architects is an international design firm with offices in Florida, California, and China. The firm focuses primarily on Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Residential, and Hospitality projects. In today's episode you'll discover how Teresa accomplishes the many tasks she is responsible for - in [...]

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From Jelly Making to Experience Design with Harry Parr

Today you'll hear from Harry Parr, one of the partners at the UK-based experience design firm Bompas and Parr. Listen how Harry Parr's passion project while he was studying architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture turned into a 20-person experience design firm. You'll discover: How to create the right company culture and ethose 2 keys for running a succ [...]

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208: How To Unlock Your Dormant Potential

All of us are capable of greater things than what we are currently doing. Yet, how do we unlock this dormant potential? In this episode of the Business of Architecture podcast, you'll discover how to unlock your dormant potential so you can reach new levels of growth and fulfillment in your life and profession. You'll discover: The 5 step "Ultimate Success Formula" t [...]

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12 Questions You Should Ask a Potential Client – Part 2 with Enoch Sears

Discover the secret of running a successful meeting with a prospective client. Most architects get this part of the sales process completely wrong. I did too, until I discovered the simple framework you'll learn about in this episode of the Business of Architecture show. This episode was originally aired on the A Well Designed Business podcast with LuAnn Nigara. Resources f [...]

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