Making Architecture

7 Strategies For Making Architecture: Interview with Daniel Willis

In this episode we discuss 4 of professor Dan Willis’ ‘7 Strategies For Making Architecture’. They are: collaboration and conviviality (or take the client to lunch) the respected professional and the troping of limitations unconventional practices (or the ‘day job’) the imaginatively flawed and provacatively incomplete Daniel Willis is a professor at the H. Campbell and […]

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Credit: Iwan Baan

Starchitects Are Not The Real Problem

Starchitecture is not the real problem. Bad buildings are. Excessive egos and a lack of collaboration on all levels of the design process, from making the design to working with clients, consultants and experts, and extra-commission stakeholders (neighbors, communities, governments) is a problem, but not nearly as much as the real problem:

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Picture of Hands Holding a Plant Growing in Dark, Rich Soil

This Is Exciting: Marketing For Architects That Works

Last year I stumbled on a secret that changed my life forever: how to set up a system for marketing architectural services that practically guarantees an influx of good projects and good clients. I know this is a bold statement, but let me tell you how this came to be. Nine years ago I was […]

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Stack Of Cash

The Case For Higher Architect Fees

In today’s episode we sit down with Tom Fisher, as he makes a case as to why firms are unable to charge higher architect fees, why architecture firms should raise their fees, and how to go about making a compelling case of showing the value of your work to your clients.

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