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219: Freedom, Flexibility and Passive Income as an Architect with Amelia Lee

Discover how this architect built a business that allows her to help more people and gives her the impact, freedom, and flexibility that matches her family lifestyle. In 2013, architect Amelia Lee had a big year, personally and professionally. It started with a personal tragedy and culminated with a trip to Uganda to meet people courageously (and against all odds) ending [...]

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218: Alternate Careers for Architects: Experience Design with Jason Bruges

Today is a UK edition of the Business of Architecture show. In this episode, my co-host Rion Willard speaks with Jason Bruges, an experience designer and the director of Jason Bruges Studio. After being educated and trained as an architect, Jason transferred his problem-solving and design skills into experience design. Today Jason Bruges reveals how he leveraged his training [...]

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217: Building a Firm Culture to Thrive with Kyle Buchanan of Archio

Today is a UK edition of the Business of Architecture show. In this episode my co-host Rion Willard speaks with Kyle Buchanan, one of the Directors of Archio, an architecture firm with offices in London and Cheltenham. The firm specializes in housing and public buildings. Kyle Buchanan talks about how he inherited his firm from his father, and how he rebranded it to give it [...]

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216: Systems, Processes and Solo Architect Success with Simon Hallion

Today is a UK edition of the Business of Architecture podcast. On this episode, co-host Rion Willard interviews Simon Hallion, the owner of Shared Architecture based in London. Discover Simon Hallion's top 3 pieces of advice for future (and current) firm leaders. You'll also discover: Simon's strategy for winning against larger, better-funded firms How to build a [...]

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