How Do Architects Add Value?

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True Story Below (I held my tongue)

Anonymous Developer: We’ve had a lot of delays. We’ve run over schedule by almost a year.

Me: Oh yeah? What’s the problem? Permits?

Developer: Yeah, permits, plancheck…well, and the architect.

(My ears perk up – he doesn’t know I’m an architect)

Me: Huh. What happened? Did the architect mess something up?

Developer: Well, I like him. He gives me a good price. I use him because he is cheap. But since he’s a one-man shop the less urgent tasks get pushed aside by the urgent tasks. So it takes longer to get the plans done.

Me: Wow. That stinks.

Developer: Yeah.

Me: So what have the delays cost you?

Developer:  About $20k a month.

So, cheap architect or an expensive architect? You tell me.

Enoch Sears

I am a licensed California architect who loves researching and sharing about running a great architecture business. I founded Business of Architecture to help solo architects and small firms run a better business so they can have the peace of mind to focus on creating great architecture.

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