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Pat Flynn: How Pat Went from Unemployed Architect Intern to Earning $60k a Month in Online Sales

Today’s guest was listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the ten most transparent leaders in business and profiled in the New York Times as a case study in online business building. Pat Flynn is a bestselling author and recently released a new book “Let Go”, a memoir about his journey from an unemployed architect in 2008 to building an online business that now makes him $50,000 dollars a month.

Pat’s story intrigues me because it shows some of the potential of the internet, and how using the internet effectively can bring incredible success. In today’s interview Pat shares a few lessons about on-line business building that can be applied to architects. I hope you are able to pick up some information that fuels your success as an architect.

In this interview we discuss:

  1. How Pat’s architectural education has helped him in his current field
  2. How Pat makes over $50,000 each month
  3. What architects can do to meet their clients needs and expectations

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Show Notes:

  1. Visit Pat’s website at
  2. Read more about Pat’s book Let Go at
  3. Read Pat’s Smart Passive Income blog.
  4. Link to Pat’s book on

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Enoch Sears

I am a licensed California architect who loves researching and sharing about running a great architecture business. I founded Business of Architecture to help solo architects and small firms run a better business so they can have the peace of mind to focus on creating great architecture.

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Actually no matter if someone doesn’t understand after that its up to other people that they will help, so here it occurs.

Mark Peterson - June 22, 2013

Hi Enoch,
I really enjoyed this interview. Its nice to see that Pat was able to make lemonade out of lemons. I (and alot of other architects) went through a very similar experience after being let go from a job where I worked alot of hours and was always eager to try and go the extra mile to market the firm to new clients. I like that Pat was honest about his experience but took that energy and made a new route for himself.

Sometimes you just have to jump out there and make your own way.

Thanks again for providing help to those of us running a firm.

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StevenRandel - June 18, 2013

Excellent Interview Enoch. I am glad I have this resource now. It is very intriguing!

José da Silva - June 18, 2013

As always great interview. I have just shared your site on my FaceBook page at

I hope you keep up the good work and that get many more followers .

George F - June 18, 2013

Great interview. I’ve followed Pat for quite a while now and it’s great to see someone who has moved forward with no trace of bitterness for this field at all. I have seen too much of that over the years and I really have a lot of respect for Pat for his approach to challenges.

Isabel Barros - June 18, 2013

Excellent interview. Looking forward for the next one!


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